Blues Music: Best cure for any ailment

Blues Sign.jpg

There’s a deep spiritual and healing aura when you listen to Blues music. If you don’t get Blues music, you’ll never understand why it is the perfect music for pain, confusion, weariness and depression. It roots deep into the emotional brain and electrically shocks and amplifies the brain’s pleasure neurochemicals into waves of rhythmic, irrepressible, azure-hued ocean surf breakers washing away, for a little while, the gasping starfishes, smashed seashells, and beer bottles broken about in your life and head. At least, that’s my metaphorical hypothesis for the power of Blues music.

What better “medicine” than a “treatment” that has only positive side effects and “therapy” that is actually enjoyable? That is the “miracle of Blues music”. When applied with intention, Blues Music is shown to have the ability to help organize the brain. Usually after twenty minutes of music, there are observable effects, such as singing, foot tapping, and clapping. Studies have shown that the results of a musical therapy session last for several hours afterward. Positive results include elevated mood, increased socialization, healthier appetite and reduction in agitation. These benefits are attributed to the stimulation the brain receives during a music therapy session, a sort of “cognitive workout” inspiring us to coin the phrase, “What exercise is to the body, Blues music is to the brain.”

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