Lonnie Brooks Dies At Age 83

One of the biggest stars of the Chicago Blues has passed away. The Baker/Brooks family announced today that the patriarch passed away at the age of 83 yesterday. Three years ago Lonnie was celebrated at the House of Blues in Chicago with an all-star bash of blues greats paying tribute on his milestone 80th birthday. We have heard very little about Lonnie since then as his family have kept his affairs private and the only public statement was that Lonnie had retired. Lonnie was a much loved man with friends and fans throughout the blues community here in Chicago, across the country and world-wide, but, of course, his family loved him most of all. His blues star sons Ronnie Baker Brooks and Wayne Baker Brooks were as loyal and devoted and sons could be. When Ronnie would be joined on stage by Lonnie he would be introduced by Ronnie saying, “My father taught me everything I know, just not everything he knows.” He still uses that line to introduce Lonnie songs at his shows.

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