Keeping up the blues tradition with some unselfish dudes

There’s a difference between good and bad blues, just ask Louis Lipinski.

“When it’s good, it’s excellent,” Lipinski said. “But unfortunately, when it’s bad, it’s really bad.”

Lipinski is one-eighth of the new blues group, The Unselfish Lovers of the Blues. The band also includes Dave Hinson (the magician behind the Adult Music Club), Lewis Roussel, Marston Fowler, Sandy Lemoine, Leon LeJeune, Sandy Brock and Bryan McVicker.

The band performs at 3 p.m. Sunday on the Front Porch Stage at the Baton Rouge Blues Festival.

The band’s mission is simple — to stop blues abuse. Or, more specifically, to push people away from the blues artists who disrespect the genre. The key is to play, collaborating in an unselfish way.

Hence the name.

“Our name gave us a sort of boundary to exist within,” Hinson said. “If you’re going to be an unselfish lover of the blues, you’re not going to stand for an untasteful guitar solo.”

There’s a heady knowledge with this group. The band is all about “sticking to the roots” of the blues — that I, IV, V progression, the chugging guitar, the howling lyrics. But in Baton Rouge, Hinson said, there’s a unique opportunity for reflection.

“We don’t have Memphis to answer to. We don’t have New Orleans to answer to. We have Baton Rouge and our unique sound and tradition of the blues," Hinson said. "We get to do this little thing that we do right here and reflect upon our local style. That really is such an honor.”

“There’s nothing like the blues,” he added. “It’s our local dish. It’s a feeling that goes into making that dish just right. We’re definitely going to be cooking that up.”

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